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Strategic Advisory

In today’s environment, the pace of change demands that organizations are continually reviewing their competitive position in the market and responding by adapting quickly to these changes. The changing dynamics of the Customers, the emergence of new technologies, and the changing strategies of competitors (often some combination of all the above!) all drive the need for the offerings to be more competitive.

Emerald Strategy Partners has a cadre of experienced business leaders who can help you understand better your business’s environment. We aim to provide guidance and ultimately develop and execute business transformation strategies and action plans designed to ensure you are getting the best from your operations.

Emerald management consulting focuses on the improvement of corporate business and private equity portfolio companies. Our partners and experts differentiate from generalists by having already run major P&Ls with world-class companies. Their focus and true value offering originate in their ability to identify significant business growth or organizational savings.

Emerald’s team comprises executives from blue-chip industrial companies. We have the expertise to support the management with business strategy and growth plan creation. Learn More >

Emerald’s senior management and our domain experts’ experience position us as industrial leaders to assess organizational health and develop meaningful business improvements that drive profitability, top-line growth, and cash flow. Learn More >

ESG: environmental, social, and corporate governance is at the top of every meaningful corporate strategy. Emerald are experts on the environmental aspect, notably the energy transition as the world moves toward carbon neutrality. Learn More >