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Emerald is a leading advisor to tier-one OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) for power generation. Our advisors stand out amongst those of the competition. We pride ourselves on the expert base capability to understand the impacts of the energy transition as we move from traditional fossil fuels to renewable power and energy storage.

This experience ensures that our clients look at power investments with a complete understanding of Technology, the macro trends, and the competitive environment they play.

With this knowledge, our advisors provide our strategic clients the critical insights that allow their portfolio companies to develop the winning roadmaps for successful organic and inorganic growth.

  • Equipment and Technology
  • Operations
  • Future Technologies
  • Market Drivers and Regulations
  • COVID-19 impact strategies
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • M&A and equipment portfolio strategy spanning all types of power generation assets, including thermal and renewable. We cover equipment and Technology, operations, market drivers and regulations, and more.
  • Aftermarket growth strategy, including M&A, with deep domain knowledge of aftermarket dynamics, upgrades, retrofits, and service solutions for power plant primary and auxiliary equipment.
  • Critical development of digital intelligent solutions to drive efficiency in power plant operations and predictive maintenance.
  • Expertise in power generating assets, infrastructure, and aftermarket. We are leaders for M&A and portfolio asset management, the energy transition and its impact; we have deep Technology, investment, and regulations knowledge of fossil applications and renewables.

Will hydrogen become the technology of choice for seasonal-scale storage?

The rise of renewable power has already transformed the electricity system. As wind farms and solar arrays continue to displace fossil fuel-based power generation, increasing amounts of energy storage are required to ensure the grid’s reliability. Lithium-ion batteries have established themselves as the standard in short-duration energy storage applications. Will hydrogen become the Technology of choice for seasonal-scale storage?


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