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Business Transformation

Emerald's senior management and our domain experts' experience position us as industrial leaders to assess organizational health and develop meaningful business improvements that drive profitability, top-line growth, and cash flow.

Emerald has tried and tested processes and methodologies, like case studies upon request, that can be tailored for industrial businesses that strive to excel in the challenging business environment, which we are facing today. The process incorporates but is not limited to our core focus areas, such as:

  • Operations, business systems, and process optimization
  • Industrial footprint optimization
  • Product management implementation and engineering effectiveness
  • Global supply chain strategy
  • Technology transfer and core competence strategy

Product Management disciplines, when deployed correctly, provide a compelling methodology to help an organization better understand how Customers perceive its offerings. It provides a robust reality check on how well-positioned your products are relative to competition and can be the “internal” guiding force to ensure the whole organization is aligned to the correct priorities. Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of your Product Management operations?

​Whether you are introducing Product Management into your organization to drive business performance improvement or your mature Product Management team needs a boot-camp refresher program, Emerald Strategy Partners can structure an effective implementation plan and coach and mentor the Product Management leaders and teams through the change process.

Embracing new technologies and business processes and implementing integration programs are nearly always motivated by the need to be more cost-effective in business operations, ultimately leading to the ability to deliver more competitive products and services. This move may lead to some facilities becoming obsolete; in some cases, the entire establishments are re-purposed or no longer needed.

Navigating these issues is extremely demanding on the incumbent management teams and can be incredibly distracting from normal day-to-day business operations.

Emerald Strategy Partners can provide the domain expertise to help navigate these situations, work with the incumbent management teams to build effective communications strategies, and develop and execute the necessary restructuring programs.

Advances in technology lead to pressures to continually be looking for new or better materials, manufacturing processes, and sub-assemblies (make or buy analytics) to enhance product or service competitiveness and profitability. The cost of change in complex supply chains and the risks associated with changing materials or processes can have devastating financial consequences.

When undertaking the integration of two organizations through merger or acquisition, the situation becomes even more complicated – how to determine which technology, process, or suppliers to retain can be extremely challenging. Using Emerald’s extensive expertise in Supply Chain Leadership and Management, businesses can significantly reduce risk and facilitate robust decisions and action plans to optimize the global supply chain for a given organization.

Organizations today have to be continually assessing their ability to serve and respond to customers’ needs more effectively than the competition. Having the right organizational structure, operational culture, and business processes are pre-requisites to overall business viability and sustainability.

Emerald can perform due diligence audits to help you complete the necessary regular health checks to ensure the business is fit to perform and compete within its eco-system. Often, the business leadership and management teams are simply too busy to perform these sanity checks. Emerald is your ideal extended workbench helping you regularly perform these health checks and develop and execute the required corrective actions before the situation becomes a crisis.

Emerald is the only team with globally proven tools and processes and the complete in-house skills to painlessly plan and execute your entire knowledge and technology transfer program.

Our global experts’ team will collaborate seamlessly with your organization to remove all failure modes for such critical programs.  Emerald has a turnkey approach toward executing your TOT program, which will deliver the expected results to quality and avoiding expensive downtime and cost overruns.

Emerald does not merely transfer systems and knowledge from pitching to a catching organization; our goal is to collaborate with all key stakeholders to ensure the new organization has real differentiation and delivering world-class results.