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M&A Services

Emerald Strategy Partners has a cadre of experienced business leaders who can help you understand better the environment your M&A deals operate in and can provide accurate identification of margin improvement and revenue growth opportunities, which are the most critical winning factors for deal success.

Emerald can perform a unique deep dive on operational and commercial due diligence to provide a robust and complete view of the target company. The quality of these processes can make the difference between success and failure.

Emerald’s seasoned teams comprise industry experts who can evaluate material risks and opportunities for any industrial M&A deal. Our offering includes, but is not limited to, preparation of bankable ODD & CDD reports, in-depth material for investment committee reading, and development and later execution of comprehensive and realistic value creation plans.

We believe that the ODD and CDD are two sides of the same coin. Emerald is an expert in performing separate ODD & CDD projects; however, we also take great pride in our ability to provide a holistic due diligence assessment, combining the scope of operational and commercial due diligence. Learn More >

Whether reorganizing to more effectively align to market conditions or working through a merger or acquisition integration, Emerald Operating Partners have lived through and led many such programs, many involving multiple sites, multiple country operations. Learn More >

Blue-chip corporate companies and tier-one private equities commission the Emerald team to develop growth strategies for their investment thesis and execution roadmap for future business growth. Learn More >

Emerald’s team, consisting of executives from blue-chip industrial companies, provides the management expertise to create and rapid implementation of value creation plans. Learn More >

The word “technology” has sometimes become synonymous with “information technology,” and “tech workers” are understood to work for companies like Google and Facebook. Learn More >