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Data Centers

Emerald’s experts have been engaged by some of the largest data center companies in the world to lead the design and development of complete data centers. We possess deep domain expertise in the industry, from the facilities side through to the gray space, to detailed equipment selection and the layout design of the white space – working with a network of partners and third parties that have the capability to turn concept into reality.

This front-line experience enables ESP experts to vet new technologies, and address the sweeping changes that Data Center companies, and their investors face due to the drive towards carbon neutrality, and the emergence of new trends, such as liquid cooling, combined fuel (hydrogen) generators, behind the meter power supply, and conversion of reject heat into usable energy for a wide string of beneficial use applications.

There is a myriad of investment opportunities available in the data center space, in applications from colocation to crypto-mining, and we pride ourselves in having the knowledge, and front line experience to see through the marketecture to guide our clients to the best opportunities that this dynamic market has to offer.

  • Future technologies
  • Market Drivers
  • Operational optimization
  • ESG and Carbon Neutrality
  • Acquisition Opportunities
  • Benchmarking
  • The Data Center of the Future
  • Data Center Design, from edge data center applications, through to enterprise data centers in geographies spanning the globe, from APAC to North America.
  • Quality Assurance services to ensure that the data center envisaged in the Project Charter is the data center that is manifested by the data center project itself.
  • Full technology vetting and recommendation of new and emerging technologies in the space, to enable smart investment decisions by equipment suppliers, and investors in selecting their next technology partners to stay on the leading edge.
  • Data center modeling, both financial and physical leveraging the leading software tools available combined with an unparalleled level of experience and expertise to deliver predictive optimization of data centers, eliminating stranded equipment and power to drive to a higher data center efficiency.


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