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Emerald's team, consisting of executives from blue-chip industrial companies, provides expertise to the management to create and rapidly implement value creation plans

Utilizing our industry knowledge, operational expertise, and vast industry network, we offer the following services:

  • 100-day plan
  • Mid- to long-term growth planning
  • Products and market alignments
  • International expansion
  • Business and industrial footprint optimization
  • Profitable aftermarket growth planning
  • Relevant operations and organizational improvement domain experience
  • Ability to deep-dive into the value chain with a keen knowledge of critical success factors
  • Expert implementation and execution capability based on proven experience

The Emerald domain knowledge enables the post-acquisition synergies to be identified and implemented into financial modeling for the deal. Our ability to deep-dive into the value chain and identify material and quantifiable upsides allows for higher confidence during the deal process.

Deploying the Emerald team to identify the upsides synergies for a deal and utilizing their expert implementation execution capability creates a significant and unique value that the generalists cannot replicate. The Emerald team collaborates not only with corporate and private equity management teams. When the need arises, we can complement our specialist services with the generalist incumbent team’s offering.