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We believe that the ODD and CDD are two sides of the same coin. Emerald is an expert in performing separate ODD & CDD projects; however, we also take great pride in our ability to provide a holistic due diligence assessment, combining the scope of operational and commercial due diligence.

In our integrated approach, we analyze and make connections between the critical operational and commercial due diligence elements to provide a differentiating deal and financial model offering to our customers who are making investments in industrial acquisitions.

We have a complete understanding of the growth strategy, market offering, operations fitness, and competitive dynamics across the industries we serve for all industrial deals. We can then cross-reference it against the operational aspects, such as operational benchmarking, gap analysis, manufacturing footprint analysis, among many others, to maximize your investment potential in M&A deals in power, oil & gas water, specialized industrials, aerospace, and energy storage.

This critical deep domain knowledge and specialization is what makes us stand out from other consulting firms.

  • A+++ team with critical deep domain expertise
  • Complete operational and market knowledge
  • 360° operational, commercial, and technical business view
  • P&L experience

In a manufacturing business, incremental improvement of a few percentage points in the direct material spend, or manufacturing process costs can yield significant gains on the bottom line. Utilizing our blue-chip industrial experience, we offer operational insights to our clients to unlock real value by providing the following services:

  • Operational benchmarking
  • Gap analysis
  • Simplification of operational processes
  • Manufacturing footprint analysis
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Identification and review of synergies
  • Integration planning and execution
  • Risk analysis
  • Market Assessment and Commercial Diligence

Understanding the target business growth and its relationship with the overall market helps our clients make better investment decisions. Emerald utilizes its in-house knowledge and vast industry network to assess the target business, relative positioning with the competitors, and performance of the broader market to project realistic growth assumptions by offering the following services:

  • ​Market mapping and growth analysis
  • Target positioning and competitor analysis
  • Demand drivers and voice of the customer
  • Revenue and margin stability and growth potential
  • A detailed review of the target’s financial projections


InsightsIntegrated Due Diligence
February 9, 2021

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