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Emerald is entirely focused on a small number of industrial sectors. In each of the sectors that we serve, we have built a team of experts who possess a unique depth of knowledge across the entire value chain.

This is what sets us apart from generalist advisors. When we help our corporate clients grow their business, or when we provide deal support to Private Equity firms, we have the expertise and the perspective needed to cut through complexity, overcome uncertainty, and deliver actionable advice.

Emerald is a longstanding advisor to a variety of actors in the power generation space, including investors, developers, equipment manufacturers and service companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to support companies who seek to navigate the energy transition that is taking place in the Western world. Read More >

Emerald’s Oil & Gas team, whose members hail from EPCI companies, from IOCs, from equipment manufacturers and from service providers, covers the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. We take pride in our ability to help private equity and institutional investors invest with confidence in a deeply cyclical industry. Read More >

The rise of energy storage is truly the megatrend of the decade. Energy storage is already having profound impact on the power sector. In the space of a few years, lithium-ion battery technology has transformed from a novelty to an industry standard deployed at scale at numerous developments. Read More >

All around the world, increasingly tight regulations are driving the need for highly performant treatment systems for water and wastewater. Actors from a variety of industries such as industrial manufacturing, utilities and shipping turn to the technology and service providers clean the water that they use. Read More >

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected airlines and, by extension, the commercial aircraft and aeroengine maintenance industry. Our aerospace team, which includes members with decades of experience at airframers, engine OEMs and MRO companies, is committed to helping companies maneuver around the downturn. Read More >

Our rotating equipment experts are uniquely positioned to support clients who manufacture or service rotating machines such blowers, fans, compressors and pumps as well as investors with an interest in those sectors. Read More >

Emerald’s experts have been engaged by some of the largest data center companies in the world to lead the design and development of complete data centers. We possess deep domain expertise in the industry, from the facilities side through to the gray space, to detailed equipment selection and the layout design of the white space – working with a network of partners and third parties that have the capability to turn concept into reality. Read More >

Emerald’s experts have been engaged by world leading industrial companies to support them with their strategies in relation to new and disruptive technologies related to mobility. We possess deep domain expertise in the rolling stock propulsion as well as transverse battery energy storage solutions for eMobility. Read More >

Deep Domain Expertise

We serve a limited number of sectors of industry. This allows us to support clients with consultants who are veterans of their industry. Each possesses a unique depth of domain knowledge acquired over decades of experience. Additionally, the members of our team collectively and individually have the functional expertise to cover all of the activities that are critical to the operations of an industrial firm, such as supply chain, project management, sales and marketing.


Having the right product offering at the right time in the right quantity is a critical aspect of all business’ strategy planning. This is especially true in the sectors Emerald serves, with significant transitions evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Our experts understand these dynamics and are exceptionally well equipped to help our Clients navigate this environment’s complexities.


Full product lifecycle support is a crucial success factor for equipment suppliers in the sectors Emerald serves. Simply supplying new equipment is not enough; infrastructure industries require maximum operating flexibility and efficiency from their assets to compete in their environments. Emerald aftermarket experts have developed and implemented some of the most innovative service solutions in the industry sectors we serve.


It is critical in the rapidly changing sectors that Emerald serves to understand the whole ecosystem and how it interacts with adjacent industries. Emerald’s experts fully understand the environment and market dynamics to support our clients in optimizing their asset base to maximize business results.


Technology is at the heart of the sectors which Emerald serves. As the world pushes towards a cleaner economy, new technologies will be the enablers. Many Clients we work with are at the forefront of deploying these new technologies, with our experts supporting them in this journey. Whether this is developing advanced digital solutions to enhance aftermarket positioning or advising on how to take a position in the developing hydrogen ecosystem, Emerald has the experts to support and advise.

Contact us now to find out how Emerald Operating Partners can help you realize the full potential of your business.