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Energy Storage

Energy Storage is a megatrend that is essential to support the renewables energy sector. Battery storage is today a commercially viable short-term energy storage, and other mediums such as hydrogen storage today are developing rapidly to provide long-term power storage capabilities for transient renewable energy supply.

The Emerald team are experts in the Energy Transition and advise critical clients on the new critical technologies, equipment, and infrastructure to enable smart investment or significant growth opportunities.

The rise of renewable power has already transformed the electricity system. As wind farms and solar arrays continue to displace fossil fuel-based power generation, increasing amounts of energy storage are required to ensure the grid's reliability. Lithium-ion batteries have established themselves as the standard in short-duration energy storage applications. Will hydrogen become the Technology of choice for seasonal-scale storage?

  • Equipment and Technology
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Competing Technologies
  • COVID-19 impact strategies
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Acquisition Opportunities in the Sector


  • M&A and equipment portfolio strategy covering energy storage, including but not limited to hydrogen and battery storage. We cover equipment and Technology, operations and supply chain, competing technologies, market drivers, and more.
  • Aftermarket growth strategy, including M&A, with the deep domain knowledge of aftermarket and service solutions for energy storage assets, covering but not limited to hydrogen and battery storage equipment and plant.
  • Development of digital intelligent solutions and I&C integration to drive efficiency into energy storage plant operations and predictive maintenance and OPEX savings for the installed base.
  • Investment in new-build energy storage solutions with a deep understanding of the energy transition drivers, the technologies for the infrastructure, and identifying key acquisition targets that support the infrastructure value chain.


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