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Specialized Industrials

Our team of experts can transfer their industry knowledge to encompass the mission-critical specialized industrial equipment, process, and services in the heavy industrial sectors. Our team has an impressive depth of expertise in rotating and turbomachinery equipment.

Specialized industrials comprise a broad spectrum of end applications. Understanding the specialized processes and equipment and the end market commercial and macro-dynamics are at the heart of our DNA.

  • Equipment and Technology
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Market Drivers and Regulations
  • COVID-19 impact strategies
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Acquisition Opportunities in the Sector
  • M&A and equipment portfolio strategy for specialized industrial applications, whether cryogenics or mission-critical transmission. We cover equipment and Technology, operations and supply chain, market drivers, and more.
  • Aftermarket growth strategy, including M&A, with the deep domain knowledge of aftermarket dynamics and service solutions for turbomachines and other mission-critical equipment for all heavy industrial plant applications.
  • Support specialized equipment suppliers in developing intelligent solutions for their products to enable aftermarket growth and competitive positioning.
  • Deep domain knowledge of the industrial processes and the critical equipment for producing specialized products in industrial applications, covering raw materials, manufacturing, production, and service.


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